Video: Watch Mayor Goff on funding Cricket NZ into Western Springs Stadium “There isn’t the money. They won’t be getting it!”

April 16th 2019
Finance & Performance Committee Meeting:\
Item 9 : Proposed shareholder comments on Draft Council Controlled Organisation 2019-2022 statement of intent: Regional Facilities Auckland (RFA).

Mayor Phil Goff responding to question about RFA seeking and the Council funding $91 Million on moving Cricket NZ long form Test Matches to Western Springs.

“I think we should entirely get out of our minds we are about to approve a business case for 91 million dollars for a stadium or any sum of money in the coming annual budget. It is not there. I don’t expect it to be there. I don’t expect it to be put up and if it were per chance put up we don’t have 91 million to invest in it and it won’t happen.”

“However had we had money to invest in it there would need to be a full business case to persuade the the majority of members of this governing body in order to approve it. But as you’ll discover in a workshop we’ll be holding tomorrow; stadia will be very much down the list of our obligations to have to meet over the coming couple of years. [So] I’ve heard lots of debate about the 92 million. I’ve told RFA quite bluntly. There isn’t the money they won’t be getting it”